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Volunteer Opportunities

Our mission could not be accomplished without the invaluable help of our volunteers. We hope you’ll explore these rewarding, nurturing opportunities. Whether you enjoy caring for animals, caring for the Earth, or lending a hand with building projects, we offer opportunities that pair well with the skills you have to offer.

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Animal Care

Do you have a special place in your heart for feline friends?  Socialization of the kittens who come to Nahimana Forest is one of the most important services we deliver. Frequent, loving human interaction helps prepare them for their next stages, whether with their adoptive families, or here as our ambassadors.

Possible Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Litter box maintenance

  • Cleaning water containers; replenishing fresh water

  • Playing with the kittens/cats

  • General cleaning of living space

  • Assistance with Fundraisers

  • Assistance with social media and website updates

  • Offering your Unique skills 

  • Creating cat enrichment toys/play spaces

  • Assisting with videos/live events


Care of the Earth

Our animal sanctuary is surrounded by a 22-acre private forest, much of which is conserved for natural wildlife habitat.  As such, some areas are left untouched, while others are enhanced to provide indigenous food sources and shelter for deer, foxes, birds and other native species.  

Memorial Garden_edited.jpg

Volunteer responsibilities include:​

  • Planting alongside the Cat Cottage

  • Clearing fallen branches

  • Maintaining our Memorial Garden

We welcome volunteers who are at least 18 years of age. We ask that you make a regular commitment to volunteering, whether that be once a week or twice a month, so that we can staff according to need. Please fill out our volunteer application or contact us with questions.

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