Educational Videos

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We're excited to offer our community a series of video resources to support learning and self-discovery. Are you homeschooling? Are you an educator? We want to support you! 

Tropical Leaves

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Adoption Resources

Important Considerations Before Adopting a Cat


We encourage all prospective new pet owners to conduct some research prior to bringing a new pet home.  Here is a great resource about cat adoption from Petfinder.

Recommended Books

Connecting to the Earth

Connecting with Animals

Connecting with Your Truth

Recommended Videos

Clint Ober & Dr. Christy Weston

Do you know what grounding practices are and why they are important? 

Grounding = Peace = Well-Being for All

Sandra Hughes on CGTN America

Are you curious about how connecting with animals impacts humans? This video shows that animals help humans on the autism spectrum, PTSD, and with addiction.