Provided below is a list of books that align with our mission, focusing on Oneness, Connecting with our Animals and Nature on a deeper level, and the Animal/Human bond as Healers and Guides.


A Course in Miracles


A Return to Love Marianne Williamson


Animal Wellness Magazine


Animal Talk Penelope Smith


Animals as Teachers and Healers Susan Chernak McElroy


Animals as Guides for the Soul Susan Chernak McElroy


Animal Speak Ted Andrews


Animal Spirit Guides Steven Farmer


Bach Flower Remedies for Animals Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis


The Breathing Book Donna Farhi


Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course Karen Casey


Eco-Art Therapy Theresa Sweeney


Energy medicine for your Cat by Madison King


Finding Sanctuary in Nature Jim PathFinder Ewing


Kinship with All Life J. Allen Boone


Living in the Heart Drunvalo Melchizedek


Love Is All You Need: The Revolutionary Bond-Based Approach to Educating Your Dog


Only Love is Real Brian Weiss


Power Animal Meditations Nicki Scully


Reconnecting with Nature Michael J. Cohen


Riding Between the Worlds Linda Kohanov

Important Considerations Before Adopting a Cat


We encourage all prospective new pet owners to conduct some research prior to bringing a new pet home.  Here is a great resource about cat adoption from Petfinder.


Grounding = Peace = Well-Being for All

Animals helping humans on the autism spectrum, PTSD, and with addictions.