Storytime with Lady Amber

Image by Annie Spratt

Each week, Storytime with Lady Amber, explores children's books with meaningful messages providing opportunities for character building. On occasion, videos about our animals and forest home will provide opportunities to have dialogue related to the connectedness and the value of all life.

Recommended Videos

Jackson Galaxy

In this informative video, Jackson offers excellent guidance all prospective cat owners need to consider before committing to opening their homes to a feline companion.

Sandra Hughes on CGTN America

Are you curious about how connecting with animals impacts humans? This video shows that animals help humans on the autism spectrum, PTSD, and with addiction. 

Clint Ober & Dr. Christy Weston

Do you know what grounding practices are and why they are important? 

Grounding = Peace = Well-Being for All

New Zealand Department of Conservation

In this short video, teachers, school administrators, and parents share some beliefs of the benefits of learning in Nature.

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