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Interested in Adopting?

Adoption Fee

We don't have a set amount for an adoption fee; rather, we accept donations that go 100% towards the care of our kitten rescues.  As we are a registered non-profit organization, we are funded solely by our adoption fees/donations and generous gifts from our donors.  We're grateful for your contribution while also putting value on our feline friends.

We are grateful for your interest in opening your heart and home to a feline friend from Nahimana Forest.  To begin the process, all potential adopters must complete the online adoption application.  We strive to place the right cat or kitten with the right owner to ensure the best possible outcome - years of love and enjoyment - for all involved.  Our process includes a review of your application, calls to your veterinary and (if required) your landlord.

We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application to confirm receipt and let you know we are working to ensure the kitten or cat you wish to adopt is the right fit for you both.  

Please note that we are only able to review adoption forms during standard business hours.

"I adopted 2 male cats, Ashby and Cooper, year old brothers from the same litter, a few weeks ago from this wonderful Sanctuary.  Having adopted many cats in the past, I know the challenges and traumas that shelter and rescued cats can sometimes present.  It is so obvious by how healthy, loving, sweet and playful these cats are that they were cared for and raised in the best possible ways."

-  Sharon Parton
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