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Available Feline Friends


We are so grateful to have over a 100% adoption rate!  We keep our cat cottage intimate for a home-like feel to prepare these precious ones for their forever homes.  The more we find loving homes for, the more we can bring in.  Everyone deserves a safe, loving place to call home.

Please read about our friends who are, or soon will be, ready to be loving members of your family!

"The adoption process was prompt and thorough to make sure all cats went to a good home and that's the best thing I could ask of any rescue." - K. Hurd


Frost asleep.JPG

If you want a multi-faceted feline companion to add to your family, Frost is the one for you!  She's so much fun - so playful with us, her furry friends and independently!  

She's also a sweet lap cat and one who will greet you at the door!  She's magically beautiful to top it all off!


Cider on cat tower.JPG

Cider is such a gentle kitten.  And, oh to hold her!  She's super soft and cuddly!

She's a curious observer who also loves to play with toys.  Look at that face - pure sweetness!


Buffy on bed post_edited.jpg

Buffy is a hoot!  She's so entertaining to watch and would make a great mouser.  She picks up her toy mouse by the tail and takes it to different areas of the room to play.

She's super sweet and easy-going.  Her fur is so soft and the subtle tabby patterns make her a unique beauty!


Cleo on cat walk.JPG

Obviously a stunning beauty, Cleo is also a lover of play!  She'll chase ropes, climb cat towers, run around batting toys around, and play with her furry friends.  She's very social.

She'll lie in your lap and sleep snuggled closely, on her terms.  She's soft, curious, and actively entertaining.


Birch on quilt.JPG

Such a beautiful fairy of a kitten!  When you hold her, she melts...and is very soft!

She came to us with her brother, Blaze, and they play together well.  They make us laugh as they cover the whole room in play!