Available Feline Friends


We are so grateful to have over a 90% adoption rate!  We keep our cat cottage intimate for a home-like feel to prepare these precious ones for their forever homes.  The more we find loving homes for, the more we can take in to love and care for.  Everyone deserves a safe, loving place to call home.

Please read about our friends who are, or soon will be, ready to be loving members of your family!

"The adoption process was prompt and thorough to make sure all cats went to a good home and that's the best thing I could ask of any rescue." - K. Hurd


Nakita was abandoned right around our property and had a bit of a rough start.  Since being vetted, she has gained her weight and energy back. 


She is a sweet, lovable girl with a spunky side that brings out fun and entertainment for all.

Her amber green eyes, soft fur, and subtle calico hues make this beauty irresistible.  Nakita is a model for strength and resilience.




Cheryl Hickman

Thank you!

 Peppa & Smokey

Peppa and Smokey on catio.jpg

These two loving siblings were born from a stray in the back of a pickup truck. 

Smokey is a majestic all-black male sweetheart who loves to play with a wand toy, any toy actually.

Peppa, black with a splash of white under his chin, is observant, playful and loving.

These brothers are extremely friendly and would do well in a home where they are considered part of the family.


Lucy with round ball toy.jpeg

Lucy was found on the side of a highway with no mother in sight and looking sickly.  After vet care and a whole lot of love, some medication, and nurturing, she has turned a corner and is not looking back.

Healthy and beautiful, she is ready for her forever home.  She is actually very athletic and entertaining to watch.  Lasers are her favorite toy!

Skye & Iona

Skye and Iona

These siblings looked to us as if they had stepped off a couple of Scottish Islands with their long manes, so we named them after two Scottish Islands.

They were born in a trash can and brought to Ashe Animal Control, where we rescued them and are nurturing them to prepare for adoption.

Sweet and gorgeous, these two!

Coco & Sunshine

Sunshine and Coco

These two sisters are very playful, curious, and sweet.

They have become really close, and we hope to see them adopted together.  They even look amazing together with the same orange hue.  Plus...double the soft snuggles!!


Morocco on sheep-like blanket.JPG

Morocco is a sweet and beautiful girl, about ten months old.  Although Morocco is nurturing to our tiniest kittens, she is more of a people cat, and she will greet you at the door with the sweetest "hello".

She loves to play with wand toys, kickers, and mouse toys.  Morocco also loves having a window perch and a catio to be closer to nature. 


Khaleesi on catio.jpg

Khaleesi means "queen", and this beautiful one lives up to her name.  Her favorite place to be is on the top of the cat tower. 


Initially, she waits cautiously to trust you, yet she is vocal and will let you know when she is ready for attention and when she needs space.  We honor her voice. 

With soft white fur, subtle buff patterns, and striking blue eyes, she has a presence about her that is magnetizing.

Hazel & Maple

Maple lying on Hazel.jpg

Maple, a calico/tabby mix, and Hazel, a tortie/calico mix came from two different litters of kittens but grew up together.  

Beautiful Maple is a cuddle bug... so loving. She loves to jump on our shoulders and nestle in.  She also loves to play!  


Dazzling Hazel is friendly and easy-going.  She has the sweetest voice, and she easily accepts us to pet her soft fur.



Snowbell is a little, soft angel.  She has marbled coloring of gray with beautiful white patches.

She loves to play in tunnels and to chase wand toys. 

You can find her cuddled up with her furry friends or sometimes watching birds from the window perch when she is not playing.