Available Feline Friends


We are so grateful to have over a 90% adoption rate!  We keep our cat cottage intimate for a home-like feel to prepare these precious ones for their forever homes.  The more we find loving homes for, the more we can take in to love and care for.  Everyone deserves a safe, loving place to call home.

Please read about our friends who are, or soon will be, ready to be loving members of your family!


Chester model.JPG

Chester is a bit shy until he gets to know you.  Maybe you are as well and would be the perfect match for him in your understanding and acceptance of who he is.  Maybe your patience and calm mannerism is exactly what he needs.  Do you have a mellow dog?  Chester seems to prefer canines over felines.  Such a handsome guy, Chester is a wonderful, laidback companion who we have fallen in love with.  We trust that his forever person is on the way and will feel the exact same! 

Abby & Willow

Abby and Willow.JPG

These beautiful sisters are all set to be adopted...spayed, vaccinated, dewormed!  What sweet girls they are.  Abby, the brown tabby, is an explorer, birdwatcher, playful and a cuddler.  After playtime, he may just jump up on your shoulder for connection.  Willow, so soft, is a little more timid but has a strong, lovely purr when she gets to know you.  They hope to be adopted together to continue their special bond; however, this is negotiable if we find that you are the right fit for one.  


Josie is our Nahimana Forest mom with three healthy kittens who will be adoptable mid-May!  At only about seven months old herself, she is petite, sweet, and such a love!  She is quick to greet us at the door and loves to purr loudly as she is petted.  Josie will be available once her kittens are weaned and she has been spayed.   If you are interested, you may begin the process by filling out an application on our adopt page.  She is one amazing, soft and beautiful being! 

Tilda, Tucker & Taylor

3 Siblings.JPG

Born here in Nahimana Forest from a rescued stray mom, these amazing, lovable kittens will be available for adoption at eight weeks old on May 14th - please complete an adoption application today! 

Tucker, the lone brother, was first to arrive. His sisters, Tilda and Taylor followed in that order.  Tucker and Tilda are beautifully marbled Tabbies while Taylor is a uniquely patterned Tuxedo kitten.  Because of their bond, it would be best to adopt in pairs as playmates to make their transition to their new home much smoother.


Deisel 2.jpeg

Our most recent rescue, Diesel has been with us just three days. We believe him to be a Norwegian Forest Cat - his size of nearly 20 pounds surely indicates so.  A true gentle giant, he loves a head scratch and shows interest in playing with toys.  Diesel is 3 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots.  He has always been the lone animal in his home, so he may do best in an environment where he is king!