Available Feline Friends


We are so grateful to have over a 95% adoption rate!  We keep our cat cottage intimate for a home-like feel to prepare these precious ones for their forever homes.  The more we find loving homes for, the more we can bring in.  Everyone deserves a safe, loving place to call home.

Please read about our friends who are, or soon will be, ready to be loving members of your family!

"The adoption process was prompt and thorough to make sure all cats went to a good home and that's the best thing I could ask of any rescue." - K. Hurd



Lucy is a gorgeous, exotic looking tabby.  A little shy at first with humans, she just needs patience to trust.  She gets along with feline friends very well and loves to play.

She is very athletic and entertaining to watch.  Lasers are her favorite toy, although, she enjoys wand toys, climbing cat towers, and batting around spiral and mouse toys.  When she's ready to relax, you can find her hanging out on the catio watching birds and squirrels, curled up in a fluffy cozy bed, or sleeping on the top of a cat tower.


Ziggy, Panther.JPG

Ziggy is loved by all of us here at Nahimana Forest! 


He has a well-balanced way of being - a funny personality, easy-going, playful, a lapcat, vocal, friendly and sweet!  He's truly a love.

He loves chasing a laser toy, batting some smaller toys around, and playing with his furry friend, Lucy.  He also loves hanging out on the catio watching birds and squirrels.



Grayson is one of the sweetest little cuddle bugs!  His fur is super soft with beautiful shades of silver gray. He's a loving lapcat.


He also loves, loves to play with his furry friends - chasing/wrestling and playing with toys.  Grayson can get very focused on a toy and seems to forget the world in those moments.  He's a ball of joy and so much fun to watch!


Tabs, portrait mode.jpg

Tabs is a hoot!  He loves to play anywhere and with anything!  He's very fast at catching wand toys and loves playing with his furry friends!

He has such a sweet disposition.  He'll curl up and fall asleep in your lap, and he purrs as soon as he's picked up.  He's a love. 


Did we mention his uniqueness?!  His fur is gorgeous, soft, and uniquely patterned.  He's an all-around wonderful feline companion.