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Connecting Nature, Kittens, and Young Adults

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Our sanctuary is nestled within 22 acres of forestland in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains.  We believe that time in nature is instrumental to our health and well-being.  Deeper still, offering young adults experiences in our natural environment, fosters insight and appreciation of the value of all creatures in the interconnected world we share.

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We prepare our rescue kittens for their forever homes by providing a safe, healthy, and enriching home-like environment.  After an initial vet check and quarantine, they are integrated with our other kittens in our "cat cottage"where they are loved and socialized.  

Our no-kill rescue has placed 100% of our kittens into loving homes across six states since our founding in 2019.  

Young Adults
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We offer young adults, locally and from all around the world, opportunities for growth and development through experiences with nature and our kittens in care.  The forest and its inhabitants are here to teach lessons of character, connection, and truth.

"It is always my great joy to connect with the magic of Nahimana Forest. I feel so deeply in my heart how important is the service that restores, preserves and protects animals, nature and wildlife and it is not always easy to find a really transparent and heart centered dedicated organization. Nahimana Forest has been truly exceptional in this sense. I am very lucky to know you." - H. Cechova

Located in Todd, North Carolina
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