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Ivy is such a gorgeous ticked-tabby with a mix of Abbysinian breed in her! Her striking eyes and her slender body are exotic. She's very playful and a bit athletic. She likes to chase a laser toy, but her favorite to chase is a wand toy. She's very active and would do best with someone who has the time to play with her. Even more, she would do great to have a furry friend to play with when her person/people are not at home.

Ivy is really sweet and affectionate! She'll climb gently into your lap, close her eyes as you pet her, and purr a beautiful melody. She has a bit of confidence, sweetness, and playfulness all in one which makes her a wonderful feline companion.

Our volunteers have these words to share about her:

"Ivy seems to have an old soul depth/intelligence about her."

"Ivy is so exotic, like a wild cat."

"Ivy is a regal beauty."

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