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Asher is oh-so-soft with luscious white fur adorned with beautiful smokey markings! He's really a gorgeous feline friend. Asher is a quiet and laid back kitten! In his funny, goofy style, he loves to play in a tunnel, chase a wand toy and a laser too. His favorite places to hang out are on the top bed of the cat tower and in the catio where he watches birds and squirrels or simply naps in a cozy bed in the fresh air.

Asher is somewhat independent in that he's a wonderful observer of fun play by his furry friends and those around him, and he's happy to just be. He prefers to come to you on his terms and receive soft chin scratches rather than being picked up. He thrives on consistent meal times and play time and would do best to be adopted with a friend to have as a companion while his family is out of the home.

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