When I was eight weeks old, someone abandoned me off a dirt road in the forest - Nahimana Forest. Maybe they knew it was a place for unwanted kittens, but I didn’t know how to get inside. I was scared and hungry, looking for food and comfort. One night under the full moon, I found myself on the front deck of a cabin. The lady came out to take a picture of the bright moon and it startled me! So I jumped! It was a very long way to the ground, but I landed on my feet. I ran off into the darkness thinking I’d try again the next night. I hid all day and most of the next night in the forest. But I was so hungry, I thought I’d look for food again at the cabin. When I returned, I smelled something delicious and followed the scent into a small cave on the front deck. In the back of the cave, was a bowl of food! As I walked toward it, a door slammed shut behind me. I was trapped, but at least I had a meal. I was a little nervous, and not long after I started crying, the picture lady came out, opened the door and took me into a warm and cozy enclosure. I was safe again and my next chapter began...- I am up to date with vet care; however, my vet does not neuter until I am six months old.  I am ready for my forever home.   Are you ready for me?