Nahimana Forest

Nahimana Forest connects abandoned kittens and children to nature, supporting the remembrance that we are all interconnected. 

Located in Ashe County, North Carolina, we are dedicated to serving the needs of abandoned animals throughout the High Country Region. Though our initial focus is rescuing and providing adoptive services for abandoned kittens, as we grow and receive the required certifications, we will expand to care for more animals. Additionally, we maintain a Certified Wildlife Habitat on our 22 acres of forest land.  We are a registered Nonprofit in the state of North Carolina and are an approved 501(c)3 organization with the IRS.

An important part of our services is to provide education to children through storytime with our cats and kittens, focused on character building and the value of all living things.  We also provide experiential learning through our animals and land for young adults to become more aware of our interconnectedness.  Through our work, we deliver the message of the worthiness of all living creatures and the ways in which we are bound together.   As licensed foster parents for children who have experienced neglect, we offer the opportunity for shared healing with the animals and to demonstrate the significance of our human/animal connection.